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We’ve reviewed your Paper & Supply needs. We’ve responded with a renewed commitment to meet your budget and deadline challenges, and we’ve heard our customer’s voices. To all this we say with a resounding YES, Commerce Paper and Supply is here and we will deliver Paper and Supplies into the future!

We’ve earned our reputation! With over eight successful decades serving our valued customers, there is a reason we exist today. Meeting your deadlines, keeping pace with competitive pricing and offering a vast collection to meet the Paper & Supply trends of today’s market, is only part of the magic. It is with the confidence of Commerce Paper customers, we continue to pursue excellence in Paper & Supply distribution.

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It’s a good business mind-set to keep abreast of trends in print communication, thus forecasting your Paper & Supply needs. Our mission is to offer you the products you need, and have those products ready when you need them, at pricing that will keep you coming back. In addition, for your convenience, we’ve added online buying to our website, so important Paper & Supply purchases can take place on your schedule.

Our customers are our primary ingredient!

While it is essential that we are strengthened by the support of our growing supplier and paper manufacturing partners, we would not exist if not for you, our valued customers. Our customers are our greatest resource and essential building blocks for the future of Commerce Paper & Supply.

Jan-San Supplies

Reduce your costs by saving time with one-stop shopping for paper and “Jan-San” supplies. This addition to our lineup of Fine Printing & Office Paper translates to a value addition to your bottom line and your time. Our expanded offering includes Janitorial Supplies such as disinfectants and solvents, restroom tissue and towels, liner bags, and cleaning machines such as floor buffers. Contact our Customer Service Team for more information. We value your business!

It all starts with the confidence you receive when you work with our knowledgeable Customer Service Professionals. They are ready to assist with your most pressing Paper & Supply needs, and navigate the many choices, directing you to the perfect solution. We welcome your inquiries!

It's easy to order paper from Commerce! Simply call our toll-free number at 877.922.2291 and ask to speak with one of our helpful Customer Service Representatives. If you are ordering for the first time, have your credit card and shipping information ready for processing.